Intriguing discoveries at the ACBF

The “East Coast’s largest celebration of craft beer” happened last weekend in Boston, when more than 140 breweries came to the 2014 American Craft Beer Fest (ACBF) to share their wares with thousands of thirsty beer geeks. It was a festival of fun, a mountain of malts, a harvest of hops, and a litany of ludicrously long lines.

Beer fests are a blast, but popularity and hype makes some breweries end up with lines that are simply not worth standing in for a 2-ounce pour. My wife and I often use the strategy of one-person waits while the other goes to a shorter line for a pour, then we switch places and person two heads out for beer. Continue reading

A look at the ‘super-alcoholic’ beer market

Founders' KBS

Founders’ amazing KBS

Look closely at the shelves of any better beer store and you’ll notice some monsters lurking. No, I don’t mean skunky beers or the latest fruit-flavored offerings posting as craft beers but brewed by the big boys, I’m talking about beers that fall into the “wine and above” level of strength.

These monsters, and I’ll define them as beers above 10 percent ABV for the sake of this column, are breeding and rising from the depths like Godzilla and his foes. They can also be destructive to drivers who take them too lightly. These beers are best when shared with friends and loved ones, not so much for chugging at the bar and getting behind the wheel. Continue reading