Three ways to ruin your beer

Very little ruins a picnic or cookout like bad beer. Even more insidious than a bad beer is a beer that’s been degraded through bad handling. The drinker may not even know that the beer in their hand could taste better than it does! In this column, I’ll teach you about the three main ways that beer gets ruined: temperature, sunlight, and time. Continue reading

Sessionable beers are perfect for a summer gathering

notch_session_pilsAmericans love their beer on the Fourth of July. There’s something about barbecues, fireworks, and independence from England that makes us a thirsty lot. Beer is a fantastic companion to fireworks and barbecues, at least until the person manning the grill or the lighter has too many brews and Independence Day ends up being celebrated in the ER.

Thankfully, there is a way to enjoy your brews and stay upright: “session beers.” The term for these low-alcohol but full-flavored brews comes from England, with the idea being that the drinker could knock back a few pints in a few hours without falling down on the way back home or to work. Continue reading