Making hard cider, part 1

The only thing better than hard cider is hard cider you make for yourself. Americans have homebrewed hard cider since the early days of colonization, and it’s a remarkably simple process that I’ll detail below. Books have been written about making cider, so consider this a basic overview. Continue reading

The smashing rise of hard cider

Walk into any restaurant or pub with a decent array of taps, or any liquor store, and you’ll see something that wouldn’t have been there 5 years ago: hard cider. Johnny Appleseed would be thrilled.

Today’s ciders can be sweet, sharp, dry, and even hoppy. They can be highly-carbonated or barely-carbonated, and appear with all sorts of extra flavors like cinnamon, ginger, pear (called “perry”), raspberry, and a variety of other flavors. Continue reading